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Quick Facts

  • It takes as little as 45 minutes to repair a cleft lip.

  • A cleft lip surgery costs 4,400 Birr ($240 USD).

  • A contribution of 13,800 Birr (USD $750) or greater will support not only the surgical cost for one child, but also the crucial medical education and training that is the hallmark of Operation Smile.

  • Children with facial deformities who do not receive reconstructive surgery often have difficulty breathing, drinking, eating and speaking. As a result, many suffer from malnutrition, medical and psychological problems.

  • Since Operation Smile’s first mission to Ethiopia in December, 2005, medical volunteers have provided free medical evaluations to more than 2,800 patients and performed life-changing surgery to more than 1,700 children.

  • Operation Smile in Ethiopia was established in October, 2005 and certified by the Federal Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice as a registered NGO.

  • Operation Smile in Ethiopia currently operates in two sites in Ethiopia; Jimma and Mekelle.

  • Operation Smile’s humanitarian work helps children by correcting their facial disfigurements through the gift of medicine and surgery – a change that brings about a more positive life along with a healthier self-image.

  • Operation Smile was launched after its first mission to the Philippines in 1982. Operation Smile currently has a presence in more than 60 countries.

  • Since 1982, more than 160,000 children and young adults with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities have been treated by thousands of volunteers worldwide and thousands of medical professionals have been trained globally

  • Operation Smile has one of the world’s largest volunteer networks, utilizing more than 5,000 medical and non-medical professionals around the world.

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Operation Smile in Ethiopia relies on the generosity of its supporters to change lives, one smile at a time.

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